Hey guys!

Welcome by my third article. this article is about being yourself and why you should do it.

you should wear your own style of clothes.

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I think that all the persons have a own very pretty fashion style. So you like sweatpants? wear sweatpants. People will see you are self confident, and thats what you want, right? (:

decide your own hairstyle

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Tbh, i'm a hair fan! I cut my hair, I color it, but it doesn't look good, haha! I really think that hair is a part of a person that makes someone strong. So don't let other people decide your hairstyle!

wear makeup the way you like it

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I honestly think make up is so cool. You can do everything with it and it looks gorgeous! But don't use to much, you are also pretty without make up!

If you aren't yourself, the wrong people will love you. Be yourself, and The right people will love you.