I strongly believe that photographs can evoke certain moods. These are a few examples of some aesthetics that make me feel a certain way!

If you would like to make an article like this of your own, you may use the tag "Mood Aesthetics Tag" as well! I would love to see your ideas.


fashion, girl, and style image green, summer, and tropical image


drink and water image Image by sündos


Inspiring Image on We Heart It boat, summer, and luxury image


dark red, feed, and tropical image travel, summer, and wanderlust image


girl, indie, and coffee image indie, spring, and theme image


food, ice cream, and popsicle image theme, rp, and green image


girl, makeup, and beauty image vintage, retro, and theme image


That wraps up my version of this tag! Please join in as well, I would be so delighted.

Lots of love,
~ Elsa