I'm presenting all ma favorite movies from the 90's period ! I wish I grew up in this period, for the cinema, the style, Nirvana... SO here are the movies :

1. Scream

chillin 90s
Very good movies to watch with friends ! Very funny

2. Clueless

90s 90s
"I'm so fancy...."

3. Sleepy Hollow

black and white christina ricci
I LOVE Tim Burton's movies ! They are all so great !

4. Titanic

leonardo dicaprio jack
Spoiler : the boat sinks

5. The nightmare before Christmas

Halloween christmas
"-How would you describe finals ? -The Nightmare before Christmas"

6. Fight Club

fight club brad pitt
" The things you own end up owning you."

7. The Lion King

scar hakuna matata
We are never too old for a Disney

8. Matrix

Superthumb Superthumb

Do you prefer go to the cinema or watch at home on your laptop ?