I'm literally on this new like "new friends kick". Basically I'm all for new friends, even though I have friends around me its always cool to have more friends and get to know someone new. This is definitely on my wishlist ! I guess I'll write some like facts about meeee.

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•My name is Rachel and I'm 15 years old
•I really really love teen wolf and Jane the Virgin(btw, stiles and Michael are mine ok? Ok (: )and I can talk about tw & jtv for hours.
•I'm a proud vegan
•I also love reading books. I mean, a lot.
•I have a lot of celebrity crush
•I have brown hair & brown boring eyes
•I will always be there for you, literally.
I will always try to help you💗.

Ummm I think that is it

Here's my social media:
- Instagram // @iammissstilinski
-Twitter // @rachelobrien_9
-Wattpad // @dylans_wife_

Preferably you should be around 13-16 for age appropriateness lol so don't be afraid to hit me up I often get on here all day anyway!

So You can message me here or on any of my social media if interested 💗