Once I met a girl. She was hurt, her heart was broken in lots of small pieces, and eeryday she would wake up, tried to glue them all back, together, and fail. Somehow they wouldn't stay and eventually fall off. Instead she carried them in her pocket. She wore a smile everyday, and always ready to pull herself together just to help other people. The girl, without knowig, was giving away a piece of her heart everytime she helped someone, she was leaving smal pieces of her heart for people to keep. Pieces of a bright red heart were in almost everyone's hands. One day she stopped. She was still wearing that big and pretty smile but it was meaningless. The girl was struggling to keep herself together, to keep up. She had no more heart left, she had given away every single piece of it. But still deep inside she was happy, she knew, or at least she believed that her heart was in good hands.

And like in every love story there was a boy. This boy, he was different from the other, but in a good way. He had a great mind, a pure heart, and the best intentions in life, but this boy, he was always sad, tired, hoping that one day he would find his way in life. One day when he was all alone, he spotted one of the girl's friends. As this guy was walking, a small red and bright piece of something fell of his bag. Quickly the boy rushed to pick it up and return it to its owner. The other guy stood still, no emotions in his face, frozen for a couple of minutes, he decided that he didn't wanted that piece of heart no more, he gave it to the boy and left. The boy confused, held the piece between his hands, and without knowing who the heart was from, he took special care of it. Juts like the girl's, the boy's heart was broken in small piecesand he was missing a few. This boy's heart was deep blue, almost black, just a deep and beautiful blue.

As the days passed by, he would find more and more pieces of this red heart. While wondering who this heart was from, he wished, he hoped that one day he could find this beautiful soul of this kind heart. Meanwhile, the girl was keeping small pieces of this deep blue heart. Without them knowing the pieces of each other's hearts were fullfilling each other's remaining hearts, and that's what was keeping them together.

The girl's heart was broken by a lover, a broken promise, by someone who didn't know how to take care of a good heart, and when he finished with her, her heart was broken, laying on the floor. As for the boy, not a lover, but a secret love, someone who couldn't appreciate the beauty of someone in love so his love just left him, without saying a single word. Leving the boy confused and heartbroken. After this the girl felt she could never be lved or be ablo to love ever again, and the boy, he bealieved that no one would ever care. What they didn't know is that one of them was loving and the other was caring. They have met before, they just didn't knew anything about the other they were total strangers but it didn't feel like it.The girl was taking care of the boy and the boy was loving the girl. Many weeks passed by and booth of them were feeling way better but they still felt they were incomplete, and indeed, each of them was missing a tiny piece in their hearts. Later that day when the sun was setting both of them walking different ways, concentrated in their thoughts, the girl spotted a blue piece of something, and just as the same time, the boy saw a birght rd piece of a thing. Each of them rushed for the respective thing. They raised ther faces and found themselves looking at each other, holding each other hearts mixed with their own, eyes to eyes, and a million emotions were exchanged in those couple of seconds. Suddenly both hearts changed their colors to a deep bright purple color. Beautiful and intense. The kept staring at each other for a couple of seconds. They both laughed and then smiled at each other, their heart were happy and fullfilled for finally meeting the one person who decided to take care of them.

Since that day they've been standing together, side by side. She's been taking care of the him, and as for him, he's been loving her. A promise was made that day; To stay, to love, to care, to protect, to help, to be, but most importantly, to never hurt each other's heart... to never let go.