here i show you a little bit about me.

a p p e a r a n c e.

Image removed green, eyes, and eye image
dark skin. acne. long ass eyelashes. hazel eyes. black thick rimmed glasses. large lips. curly hair. dark eyebrows.

s t y l e.

fashion, jeans, and style image Image removed sweater, autumn, and fall image accessories, girly, and fashion image fashion, jeans, and style image ankle boots, beauty, and fedora image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, girl, and outfit image
ripped jeans. wool knit sweaters. comfy clothes. aesthetic wannabe. grey. white, black. loose.

c o l o r s.

flowers, rose, and art image crystal, magic, and wand image Image by fallenstars pink, door, and aesthetic image green, slytherin, and aesthetic image aesthetic, dark, and Darkness image theme, maroon, and dark image fruit, food, and raspberry image

p a s s i o n s.

Image by Sheridan ✧ bath, tumblr girl, and bathroom image bullet, diary, and journal image babies, family, and cute image travel, sky, and clouds image wallpaper, background, and mountain image
photography. reading. writing. kids. traveling. nature.

f u t u r e.

love, couple, and kiss image camera, photography, and vintage image baby and cute image
my love. a job in photography or children. my own baby.


hope you learned a little bit about me. i haven't been active because of school and seasonal depression and a whole bunch of other shit. but i'm back and i'm interested in knowing if you guys still want me to post articles. so message me and let me know!

tristen gray-mark
tristen gray-mark