This is a pretty popular type of video on YouTube and many have turned it into an article here on We Heart It, so I thought it would be fun to do the same.

bag, Prada, and fashion image
I obviously don't use this exact bag, but I do use a brown bag which is very similar in shape and color.

Headphones and charger / power bank

iphone, gold, and apple image
I carry my phone with my headphones and charger + power bank in case I need it.


Superthumb useful
My wallet is full to the brim with old receipts and random papers - I clean it out like once a month.


black black
I always have my black sunglasses with me.


blue girl
I have a pink and purple umbrella that I carry everywhere (it rains constantly where I live, plus it's good to be prepared).


candy chocolate
I always have some snacks in case I get hungry during the day. Usually chocolates, almonds or cookies.

Lip balm

eos, lips, and colors image
Eos lip balms are the beeessst and I always carry one of mine wherever I go!


beauty Superthumb
My buns get way too messy during the day so I like to fix them up with my comb - it's compact and easy to carry around.


bag, handmade, and little image
As a girl with irregular periods I'm always prepared for the worst. I keep 2-3 tampons around my bag, just in case!

That's all I carry around everyday! When I change my bag to smaller ones (which I do when I go out), I only take with me the essentials like money of course, comb, tampons and a lip balm/lipstick.
See you all soon.

Alanis S.