here's a good list of songs to cry to. please enjoy the pictures because putting them on here took an hour lol. if you're interested in following me or following any of my collections, i've listed a few down below

all in my head - tori kelly

blue, theme, and indie image book, coffee, and flowers image

a little too much - shawn mendes

blue, sunglasses, and blue hair image blue image

yours - sg lewis

gucci, luxury, and flowers image fashion, alternative vintage, and eyes eyebrows brows image

saw you in a dream - the japanese house

sky, beach, and sea image mirror, gold, and vintage image

teachme - musiq soulchild

memories, photo, and picture image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

youth - daughter

quotes, madness, and neon image quotes, blue, and aesthetic image

little things - one direction

mascara and black image Image by 𝓉𝓎𝓁𝑒𝓇

sober - mahalia

flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image yellow, girl, and aesthetic image

guess who i saw today (2004 digital remaster) - nancy wilson

fireworks, purple, and light image Image by 𝓉𝓎𝓁𝑒𝓇

the weight - shawn mendes

Image by sophieeeeeeee beauty, melanin, and girl image

used to love you - yuna ft. jhene aiko

fashion and girl image fashion, yellow, and aesthetic image

the climb - miley cyrus

sky, pink, and city image flowers, sky, and pink image

night changes - one direction

gucci, fashion, and bag image black image

almost is never enough - ariana grande

aesthetic, alternative, and flower image start, stop, and pink image

sign of the times - harry styles

peach, sunset, and orange image Image by yahtezees

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