hey there everyone! today i have composed a list of girl groups that you should keep an eye on as we move farther into 2018! this list will contain girl groups that have formed/debuted within the past 2 or so years. please enjoy!



⋆ a ten-member group that was formed in 2016, and officially debuted in 2017.
⋆ song to listen to: wee woo


⋆ a nine-member group that was formed, and debuted, in 2016.
⋆ song to listen to: bboom bboom

weki meki

⋆ an eight-member group that debuted in 2017.
⋆ song to listen to: i don’t like your girlfriend

wjsn (also known as cosmic girls)

⋆ a thirteen-member group that debuted in 2016.
⋆ song to listen to: happy


⋆ a nine-member group that debuted in 2015.
⋆ song to listen to: will you go out with me


⋆ a twelve-member group that is set to fully debut in summer 2018.
⋆ song to listen to: sweet crazy love (from the sub-unit within the group, odd eye circle)


and there we have it! please go check out these talented girl groups if you are not familiar with any of them! i expect them to have an exciting 2018 and i anticipate seeing what they’ll do next! i wish them all luck in this coming year ♡