This took a lot of time to write because I had to be in the mood to get deep...

Although that mood never came up so enjoy this list of dumb things I'm scared of :)

1.- Cockroaches

funny, gif, and gifs image
I'm aware this is a grasshopper with a hammer

2.- Crossing roads

cinderella, disney, and shoe image

3.- Death of kittens

gif image

4.- Regular prized Gucci bags

gif image
I still buy them tho

5.- The unknown

gif, monica, and scared image

6.- The fact that we're all so small in the universe

funny, gif, and lilo image

7.- The thought of being alone for the rest of my life

gif and golden girls image

8.- Being kidnapped by a mexican drug cartel

child, toy story, and girl image

9.- Responsabilities I have as an adult

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10.- Tall people

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11.- STDs

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Thank you for reading -Valeria