I've seen some of these and I felt like making one about my favourite songs on my playlist. I really really want to start writing some articles on here so I thought this would make a cool start. Hope you like it and let me know if you have any good ideas that you'd want me to write about. Open for suggestions! <3
...Btw I got my inspo for this from @m i k a y l a
enjoy <3

Lucian - Follow ft. Sleeper

moon, sky, and stars image blue, earth, and flight image

Kid Cudi - Kitchen

purple, neon, and xoxo image night, purple, and wallpaper image

Sugar and Spice - Willow Smith (Moth Equals Remix)

orange, sunset, and aesthetic image makeup, lipstick, and beauty image

Tame Impala - The moment

summer, ocean, and beach image beach, girl, and smile image

Lyrics Wall - Lonely

sky, pink, and aesthetic image admire, city, and clouds image

Sampa The Great - Rhymes To The East

pyramid, egypt, and giza image girl, orange, and beauty image

and that's just a taste of some of my current favourite songs <3
I promise to add to it in the future and even create a part 2...
I hope you like this and have a good day, night, or whatever time where you are at :)