Hi, SOOO this is my first proper article on whi I guess and because I'm an emotional mess right now I decided that its a good time to look and analyse myself and what the hell I want to do with my life by doing the #thisismechallenge. So here we are and sorry for my bad English, French is my first language so sorry for my mistakes ;).


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I have a basic style. Even if I don’t like jean jacket this much, I always end up wearing one without even noticing. I guess I’m just a bit weird and I also wear short a lot, even too much sometime.


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I’m actually on a daily fight with food and the fact of gaining weight. Recently, i lost my old love towards food because I want to get skinnier and lunch break are a nightmare for me. Im weighting around 45kg and wishing I was like 10kg less but this is not really important.


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I love movie sooooooooooooooo much i can't even find the right word to describe how much I love this. Harry Potter, Dorian grey picture, Coraline and Addams Family Values will always be 4 of my favorites movies ever, but whenever Johnny Deep is in a movie, I'm for sure going to watch it. I love strange and even little bit creepy movie that make you question your existence until it gives you chills.


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Dancing is my life and it will always be. I started taking dance class when I was 2 years old and I never stop since then and I'm going on my 14th years of dance (The one who didn't fail in math will now know how old I am. Dancing is a way for me to releave a weight inside of me or a thing like that. I'm such an introvert person and my life will be nothing without music with me and I can feel the tears coming in my eyes just thinking about how much I love that. I love songs that can make me travel without needing to move. I also love to read and drawing as always been a passion for me.


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God this article is going deep ahahahaha. Well you can tell by these four pictures that I'm not an happy person or someone you specially enjoy spending time with. I'm a depressed mess but it's fine because it's in my head so no one see it, and no one is annoying me with it. But despite all the shit going inside my head I'm a determined person and if I have an idea I will fight for it.


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I honestly love every color of the rainbow (Sometime I'm even wondering if I'm not a lesbian after all), but black will always be my favorite color with white even if my inner bad bitch is yelling at me to chose pink.


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It's so hard to only pick 4 group/singer since my music taste are so different. I can tell by the first 5 second of a song if I’m going to like it or not and a song need to be really special, so I can like it. I love to discover music that not a lot of people know about. I think that music as this little magic thing of making me cry, laugh and thinks by the same words. I love music that whenever you hear the lyrics, it means something different to me and it feels like a surprise. The neighbourhood, Troye Sivan, Queen and BTS are these kinds of artist that make me dream during the day. By the way go watch this I don’t specially know why but earing this so talented boy singing this song make me cry and also made me feel so safe and I think this boy deserve to be know by everyone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEeWJS2jCdg .


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Later in life i wish i could build my dream kitchen and house with a person that really make me happy or on myself as long as I'm happy with myself and with others (I still have a lot of work to do). I always wished one day I could surprise everyone and waking up every morning to go save a life. I want it so much.

I guess that's it! I'm not sure if I’ve done this challenge correctly and I'm sorry if I have any mistake in this text and feel free to tell it to me if you see one. Thanks for reading this and I wish no one that I know is going to found out about this. (Salut Pascal si tu es en train de stalker mon we heart it ahahahahah). Nevermind, I'm going to go know to cry about how worthless i am. See you soon lost soul on the internet.