I'm not going to lie and say I don't miss you, because I do. But I know that the journey im facing in life doesn't involve you. Due to your outlook on things. I'll never speak badly on your name, you were once my best friend, We did everything together, shared secrets that no one else knows. Your secrets will forever be my secrets. I miss the bond we used to have. But not having you as a friend has genuinely made me a happier person. It's sad to say you were the reason behind the heartbreak. You chose him over your friends. Like you promised you wouldn't AGAIN. You wanted me to be honest with you, about everything going on. I was honest. But you didn't like the truth. You did things and expected me to sit back and just agree with you. But you were my best friend and it killed me watching you destroy yourself. I spoke up, finally. About how I felt. And you somehow turned it around on me. Made me the bad person. I know I wasn't. I've sat night after night replaying the nasty/mean things you said to me. I was the bad guy in this entire situation. Which sucks. But I know the truth. So that's what matters. You noticed awhile ago that we were drifting and that's because I wanted to distance myself because I knew you'd chose him and I didn't want to get hurt again. What sucks the most, is that you couldn't have cared less. Like our 7 years of friendship meant absolutely nothing. I cried and had anxiety attacks, while you lived like I just disappeared. I shouldn't want to be your friend anymore because of how petty you were (considering you posted something on Instagram about me, and deleted me from everything). I want you to know one thing though, when he breaks your heart again, I won't be here with open arms.