we were the same but she was always,
more popular,
more pretty,
more liked,
more smarter,

she was the spotlight while I was the shadow,
she had the attention while I had none,
she was a leader to everyone while I was just the sheep,
everyone praised her while I was her sidekick,

she would always rely on me, bossing me around,
she treated me like a peasant while I treated her like my sister,
everyone heard her side of story but didn't care about mine,

she was loved by everyone but I was only liked,
people compare us and she was always the better one,
nobody cared about me and no one will ever,
faking my happiness was the worst sadness,
i cry myself to sleep thinking that no one will every love me,
i'm useless and not important to anyone,

and they all cared when it was too late..