— WANNABE ; hyoyeon feat. san e

snsd, girls' generation, and wannabe image lips, bee, and red image red, rose, and flowers image snsd, girls' generation, and wannabe image
Is lying that easy to you? There is no answer to you, you’re trouble

— WHISTLE ; blackpink

blackpink, jisoo, and kpop image blackpink, whistle, and kpop image blackpink, kpop, and whistle image lisa, blackpink, and kpop image
Every guy checks me out every day, they all think they can get me. I don’t want a lot of things, I just want your heart

— CHASE ME ; dreamcatcher

concept, dreamcatcher, and kpop image feather, hand, and photography image butterfly, nature, and forest image concept, dreamcatcher, and kpop image
I sneak up on the dark night and jump into your dream like a firework

— FINGERTIP ; gfriend

gfriend, sowon, and kpop image aesthetic, photography, and light brown image quotes, Letter, and grunge image fingertip, teaser, and comeback image
The moment I pass by, the feeling is so good. I’m certain, I’ll go to you


clc, sorn, and kpop image aesthetic, mv, and black dress image black dress, clc, and kpop image clc and yeeun image
Today, I picked out a black dress. I won’t be tainted by anything else inside. Color me with your own color, make a masterpiece

— LIP AND HIP ; hyuna

kpop, hyuna, and korean image art, yellow, and aesthetic image chocolate, comic, and pop art image kpop and hyuna image
I want you to express yourself honestly every day, as if you’re not you. Sometimes, my walk gets sexy and confident, feels like I can do something today

— THE BOOTS ; gugudan

shin bora, hana, and gugudan image blue, aesthetic, and keyboard image blue, glow, and neon image hyeyeon and gugudan image
Be bold, be confident, you can be more aggressive today. Say the magic word

— LA LA LA ; weki meki

weki meki and lua image rose, flowers, and pink image rose, red, and aesthetic image weki meki and Lucy image
They say the person who likes the other person more loses but I don’t really want to win over you, I don’t mind

— YES, I AM ; mamamoo

Image removed car, red, and yellow image yellow, blue, and red image moonbyul and mamamoo image
It’s strange, I’m a bit unique, I don’t like ordinary things. I thank my parents for this side of me

— DDD ; exid

girl, kpop, and exid image pink, neon, and aesthetic image Image by xfaekx Ahn, girls, and kpop image
You really can’t do this to me. Even though I push you away, I keep on falling and falling and falling

— BAD BOY ; red velvet

wendy, red velvet, and kpop image dirty, red, and neon image girls, lights, and neon image wendy, red velvet, and kpop image
The way you talk like you don’t care, I like that. I try to turn away but I’m attracted to you

— EXCUSE ME ; aoa

gif, kwon mina, and kpop image 1970s, mayfair, and photography image Mature image aöä, choa, and kpop image
You are so handsome and I am beautiful, we’re a match made in heaven. It’s the first time I feel this way, I’m surprised

— YOU THINK ; snsd

snsd, kpop, and taeyeon image pink, woman, and light image pink, lipstick, and neon image Image by Little Mikey
You think you’re real cool, that’s just what you think. Boy, you ain’t cooler than me, nah

— SUGAR FREE ; t-ara

eunjung, t-ara, and sugar free image Image by Ioana blue, neon, and purple image jiyeon, t-ara, and tara image
Even the sweetness you’re giving me now it’s not there anymore. I can’t feel it in your words, your face, every single thing

— JELLY ; jeon soyeon

gif, soyeon, and jeon soyeon image pink, girl, and aesthetic image pink, sugar, and aesthetic image gif, jelly, and kpop image
Drunk with the scent of sweet fruit, my clear eyes get hazy. I feel good even if someone calls me ugly, I’ll stick my tongue out to the antis

— NEGA DOLA ; boa

boa, asia star, and kpop image Mature image black, boa, and mv image boa, mv, and skyblue image
It won’t work with me, no more chances for you, no. I don’t wanna deal with you, stop right there. I’m going crazy

— HEROINE ; sunmi

kpop, sunmi, and heroine image hands, art, and tumblr image animal, sea, and blue image wonder girls and sunmi image
In a movie only for us, the real hero was you, baby. As always the way you do like a splendid hero

— LIKEY ; twice

twice, tzuyu, and kpop image Image removed love, pink, and aesthetic image Image by TwiceMina099
Put on BB cream, pat pat pat. Put on lipstick, mam mam ma. Shall I make a pretty pose for the camera?

— I LIKE THAT ; sistar

bora, sistar, and kpop image aesthetic, i like that, and chinese image aesthetic, i like that, and flower image sistar and dasom image
I like you, I love you, you said it but I don’t believe you. You can’t settle for just me, that’s who you are. I resent God for meeting you

— I'LL BE YOURS ; girls day

girls day and hyeri image purple image autumn, flowers, and pink image girls day and hyeri image
Tell me why you like me. Don’t just make me antsy, smile. Be a man, be cool and tell me