Sooo today is... _ List 10 things you would tell your 16 year old self_
Well, i'm not 16 yet, i'm close, but i'll have to do this in another way...

1) To never give up, and believe in yourself, and your friends.(Even though, sometimes they can be annoying)
2) Love yourself just the way you are. Don't let anyone tell you you're not good enough.
3) Be kind to others, and don't forget about your old friends, while you make new ones.
4) Don't beg the friendship out of people. The right people will come.
5) Appreciate what surrounds you. You have lot's of friends, food, and healthy surroundings, that not many people in this world have.
6) Eat healthy. (Im not fat, but i dont want to be in the future)
7) Help out people that are alone, and have no friends
8) Step out to new people, and make sure they have a friend
9) Give to others in need!!<3
10) Make Nick-names for your friends!! Lol

Hope ya liked it... (i was loosing ideas so the last one is for funXD) Plz follow, and have a GREAT DAY!!