Dear lost ‘best friend’,

What do I say? How do I start? How does one begin to comprehend the last few months and condense those feelings, thoughts, emotions into one page? I am hurt. As I hope you are too. Hurt that the friendship we once had ceased to exist and the photos, songs and laughs we once had are a distant memory, a strained smile upon remembering.

You know what happened. You know why. But our version of events seems to differ as you made your excuses that day, and on me, your once best friend, turned the tables. ‘’It’s not my fault. You can’t be mad I have other friends.’’- but old friend, they were my friends too. And they truthfully were not the problem and you know that deep down too. It was you who found fault in my friendships with them, not us. And it was you who dictated what we were, who we were allowed be friends with, who got invited to what.

But to you once you were not left out or left wondering ‘why me?! What have I done?!’ it was no big deal. A sad outlook and value to have if you ask me. Its been a few months and our friendship as of present, is no more. I tried to reach out. To offer to move on from our first ever argument and sadly our very last. As I typed with tears… you typed with coldness not phased by the recent events and I think that stung more. Perhaps our friendship in my eyes was not the one you seen in yours but I hope this is not the case. I hope you are too ignorant to admit your mistake but hurt as much as me and that I would take, the reality I cannot.

Who you are now, I don’t know. Your presence no longer makes me feel glee but rather stress and sadness. Two things a year ago I had never associated with you. And silly me wants to try again. Rebuild and salvage what I can but my fear of rejection once more for now is holding me back.

So, lost best friend I leave you with this. I do not hate how you have gone about things, I think I understand. I do not hate you because in there somewhere is the girl I once viewed as a sister, and despite all you’ve done I would be your friend in a heartbeat. A fault of mine I know and you know that too. I hope one day with the help of time we get back to where we left off. Till then I wish you every success in life and all the love you can receive.

Kind Regards,

Your broken ex- friend.