So as probably most people I'm addicted to Netflix. This article is about the series I've watch rated From the best to the least interesting.

1: Riverdale 😍

lili reinhart, riverdale, and flowers image riverdale, bughead, and cole sprouse image riverdale, cole sprouse, and alternative image beauty, pretty, and madelaine petsch image

This story is based on the comics of Archie. It's sort of a mistery theme but the colors are very pretty. The actors are also sooo gorgeous.

2: Pretty Little Liars (Shhhh!)

lucy hale and pretty little liars image beauty, hair, and outfit image alison, icon, and pretty little liars image

This is the story of five friends. One day one of them goes missing...I love this serie.

3: Stranger Things

eleven, stranger things, and mike image british, celeb, and pretty image cast, Nancy, and stranger things image Abusive image

Four friends+(11) discover this new world of darkness.(Adventure)

4: Jane the Virgin

Image removed beach, gif, and Hot image gina rodriguez and jane the virgin image jane the virgin and petra solano image

A virgin woman gets inseminated by accident with someone's sperm. Through this series, she learns how to live with this «mistake».

5: The Good Place

actrice, celebrity, and famous image eleanor, series, and netflix image series, the good place, and netflix image michael and the good place image

The good place is very funny. It's the story of a girl who winds up inn the good place (Heaven) but the thing is she does not belong there.

6: Switched At Birth:

Image by André Gonçalves at, birth, and switched image at and switched at birth image switched at birth image

This is the story of to adolescents finding out that they were switched at birth.

7: Once Upon a Time

once upon a time, ️ouat, and Jennifer Morrison image once upon a time image snow white and once upon a time image rebecca mader, lana parrilla, and zelena image

This is TOOOOO complicated to explain but it's simply about every Disney character (in real life) ans they're all «connected».

8: The end of the f***ing world:

Alyssa, series, and netflix image the end of the f world and series image james, teotfw, and Alyssa image quotes, Alyssa, and teotfw image

Finally, this is the story of two teens who run away from home. (This is a very weird series.

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