hi guys! i hope you spend a great and lovely day☺
since this year, i follow course of art history with a teacher of philosophy. i found one of the most fascinating thing in this fucking world ahah.
so tonight, i wanted to share one of my hobbies: paints and their painters
if you’re not interested by this amazing universe, i hope this article will change your state of mind☀

•first, we are going to speak about Monet. my fav painter i think. 

art, museum, and painting image
art, monet, and van gogh image monet, art, and painting image
his paints reminds me summer and my grandma’s house.

•then, i want to talk about one of the greatest painter that lived on this Earth: Van Gogh. his paints make me wanting to travel all around our planet.

aesthetic, alternative, and art image art, book, and monet image
« what is done in love is done well. » – Van Gogh

•then comes Friedrich, a deutsh artist. so powerful... he works on powerlessness of humans on nature.

art, beautiful, and caspar david friedrich image art, caspar david friedrich, and painting image
i feel so small.

•now, let's discover and love Klimt, the master of gold painting.

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art, klimt, and yellow image art, gold, and Gustav Klimt image
drowning in a flood of golden petals.

•the figures desarticulated of Egon Schiele always attracted me. i think he represents souls of human through their body.

egon schielle image
Schiele image hands, art, and drawing image

•to end this article, i wanted to show you paints of Frida Kahlo. because of a serious accident, she has been enclosed in a hospital. she began to paint cause she was bored. her paints are muy colored y muy bonitas ahah.

frida kahlo image art, frida kahlo, and book image

thank you very much for reading !
hope you will be attracted by art too, you could be surprised...