i guess i jinxed myself when i told u i'd never cried when listening to a song
I'm reading the lyrics of songs in ur sad playlist and i feel like a wreck
i was so obtuse
regret asking you so many things
i made it out to be so easy
i know it isn't, and i'm sorry
i want to tell u how i feel
i think we feel the same way
i don't wanna fuck anything up
but at the same time i don't wanna hang onto an 'if' forever
i don't know how i didn't realise it before
i've probably liked you the past year without even noticing
you're always an exception
i never want to talk to anyone sometimes until ur there
i'm mad at myself for not being able to see how i felt
thought it was something i was good at doing
i'm always talking about my emotions anyway
always pushing others to do the same
i already apologised to you about it
but i can't stop
i want to know how you're feeling twenty four seven
i want you to be happy more than i want myself to be
because i know you aren't happy right now
and i know it isn't my fault but i tend to blame myself
i wish i wasn't boring
feeling like a grey lump of clay most of the time
even around you i lack words.
but please live for me