DAY 06:

Hello! Currently for me it should be ‘good night’… It’s 23:49. Ok, doesn’t matter, I should start this.

I’d say this are my mains ‘ways to win my heart’ but honestly every guy is different. So, as long as you are not a fuckboy that will play with my heart, you are good…lol

• Fun – you don’t need to be funny, just fun. When I’m with you I want to have fun and be happy

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And if he likes animals, that's a big win for me :)

• Can talk with forever – I love to talk and I also love to listen. If I can talk and listen about endless and stupid things that don’t make sence I'm up for it.

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• Don’t be racist, homophobic, sexist …

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• Understand me – sometimes I don’t even understand myself, so if you took you time and got to know me, and understand me…amazing!
My mom always told me, you get a partner (boy/girl friend, husband, wife) for both to make life easier. In other word - to have a shoulder to cry on, to have someone to laugh and cry with…to share those special moments with... (Did that make sence?)

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• Fit – and I don’t mean you have to be a top athlete (I mean I wouldn’t mind..hahha), but at least don’t be the laziest person ever. Because I probably wouldn't stay still all the time, but after all I still love to stay in and cuddle.

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Honestly, if you stay as you are, you are already amazing. We sometimes get lost and start being someone who we aren’t, because people tell us to change.

Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who to be.

And as I often say ‘You do you’. People will tell you many thing but as long as you stay true to yourself and embrace what you love, you are on the right track.
Now it’s 00:10 I’m not thinking straight..hhah, I’m A BIT tired.
If you did read, thank you.
Love, K

Day 06 // 24.02.2018 - should be the 23rd :( // 00:17

Better (less tired) and improved version