Okay so i'm gonna do this challenge in two parts,i'll post the other one next week (or month,who knows)

1) A song with a color on the title

Gold by Imagine Dragons

accessory, beauty, and follow image gold, imagine dragons, and quotes image

2) A song with a number on the title

October 17 by Lil happy Lil sad

(so there wasn't good pics of him)

3) A song that reminds you of summer

Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay

summer image

4) A song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget

Bridges by Broods

broods, bridges, and couple image
anyway i'm in love with the song

5) A song that needs to be played out loud

Holy Ghost by BØRNS

flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image dopamine and børns image
don't ask me why,i just love it

6) A song that makes you want to dance

Mess around by Cage The Elephant

cage the elephant, music, and tell me i'm pretty image cage the elephant, matt shultz, and cte image

7) A song to drive to

The Beach by jimi somewhere

girl, sea, and grunge image beach, sky, and sunset image
just a few know this piece of art

8) A song about drugs

UGH! by The 1975

ugh, pink, and the 1975 image Image by xdabeachq.

9) A song that makes you happy

Ain't nobody like you - yung bae

anime, aesthetic, and school image aesthetic, boy, and love image
i don't watch so much anime but i like the caps so

10) A song that makes you sad

Magic by Coldplay

magic, kiss, and love image argentina, bittersweet, and boys image
well chris' voice makes me cry so

11) A song you never get tired of

Cherry Cola by Kuwada

beauty, dolores haze, and dominque swain image rose, red, and aesthetic image

12) A song from your preteen years

Hips Don't Lie by Shakira

shakira image
i love this girl i'm sorry

13) A song from the 70s

Psycho Killer by Talking Heads

Abusive image

14) A song you want played at your wedding

Otra Piel by Gustavo Cerati

gustavo cerati image gustavo cerati and cerati image
una leyenda<3

15) A song you like that's a cover by another artist

Cancer by Twenty One Pilots

band, cancer, and Chapped Lips image black and white, I Love You, and josh dun image


this is the first part,let me know if you liked at least one song!<3