Bonjour. I'm back for a tag! You must have heard about it. Right now it's super popular on WHI. Soo goo!

→S T Y L E←

fashion clothes clothes casual beauty clothes

→C O L O U R S←

aesthetic beauty aesthetic Superthumb

→H O B B I E S←

life Superthumb girl chanel

→F O O D←

Superthumb root beer food Superthumb cheese Superthumb

→P E R S O N A L I T Y←

Superthumb animal Superthumb tvd

→A N I M A L S←

animal Superthumb alpaca article

→T V S H O W S←

cast spencer Archie Superthumb sleepy hollow Superthumb

→M U S I C←

selena gomez Superthumb ariana Superthumb blackbear funny

I have no idea of ​​articles so please come give me some! Luv you guys <3

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