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If you have taken time and had a gander at my last article you might of seen that i done the 'this or that' tag
Now with me always permanently looking and staring at all things to do with Harry Potter I've found the questions to the harry potter version

I'm going to stop rambling on now get down to the tag
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1) McGonagall or Snape
_my favourite character has always been Severus Snape. I know he was really horrible to Harry,but there was always something about him that i made me never hate him. Also in the end when he gave Harry him memories and you saw that he was one of the main people who protected Harry made me sob.

2) Cho or Luna
Lune Lovegood is my favourite female character and if i could be anybody in the wizarding world it would be her.I just love how she doesn't care what people think of her and she isn't afraid to be herself..

3) Invisibility Cloak or Elder Wand
I would choose the invisibility Cloak because i like the idea of being able to hide away from people at times when i feel i need to be by myself for while.

4) Ron or Hermione
Ron! i like hermione but i always seemed to like Ron more. I hate that in the films he was literally just comic relief. In the books he was this strong, faithful character. if you haven't read the books, read then and you'll see how even more amazing Ron is. Also whilst we are on the topic of Ron it really angered me how The Cursed Child portrayed him, like he was some lay about failure. NO Ronald Weasley is king

5) Gryffindor or Slytherin
Slytherin. I am in Slytherin house and was sorted into Slytherin House from the start. TEAM SLYTHRIN!

6) Bellatrix Lestrange or Narcissa (Malfoy's mother)
Bellatrix! She's such a villain but it's impossible to hate her, and i love Helena Bonham Carter..

7) Hermione or Ginny
This is a tough one. Right i'm going to have to say film Hermione but book Ginny. I know this is going to a bit of an unpopular opinion but i found film Ginny really boring, but book Ginny was a total wartier. In the films they really ruined some of the characters.

8) Malfoy or Potter
Malfoy. I always felt sorry for Draco because he literally didn't have a choice nearly all of his family where on the dar side so he felt like he had to be as well to please his family. I always felt a lot of empathy toward Draco.

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