Bored? Here are just a couple of answers for your problems.

1. Netflix

Netflix is definitely the number 1 problem solver if you were bored with nothing to do. You can sign up for a one month trial for free or if you're already signed up, here are some movies and tv shows for a kick starter.

2. Work Out

Hit up a couple of your friends and go to the nearest gym and start working out. It builds up your confidence and this could become your new hobby.

3. Create a Journal.

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Journals are the best way to express your feelings when you feel like no one else understands it. There are numerous ways to get started on a journal. Find some ideas above.

4. Make a Youtube Channel.

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Youtube's a great way to express your individualism. What may have started as a fun activity can become your career. You never know who you can attract with your personality.

5. Plan an Imaginary Trip.

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Personally, this is my favourite solution. Whether it's a trip a few miles away or to another continent. Planning a dream vacation will definitely cure your boredom. You can start by searching up flights, hotels and find out who you're going with. Who knows, maybe one day this imaginary planning might come true.

6. Write a WeHeartIt Article.

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Writing articles are easier than you think. Simply grab your laptop, log into weheartit and click new post then write an article. You can write about a couple of things that you like, for example, your favourite artists, favourite movies, etc.

7. Arrange your Room.

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Try removing those extra stickers or accessories to give your room a minimalist vibe. You can also try to buy a tapestry and hang it up to give your room a hipster vibe. You'll be surprised how removing or adding a couple of items into your room can change up the whole mood.

8. Take Buzzfeed Quizzes.