you should read this one first ;)

as early as possible.

I sat alone in bed until the very first shade of light blue colored the night sky. I opened my small broken window and watched stars dying in their beautiful war with light. I leaned over just to feel the cold breeze on my cheeks and damn it felt good.
Even though I was shaking because of the cold, I didn't want to close the window. It was just too good to be over. But at some point I had to ruin it, right? Because that was all I did in my life.
I quietly opened my bottom drawer in my nightstand, took out a box of cigarettes and closed it. There was a lighter on the window sill, I took it and I lit up one of the last cigarettes in that box. Feeling the burn inside my lungs was also one of really good feelings I was able to enjoy, mostly because I was probably a masochist. It didn't feel as good as the cold breeze, but it helped me relax and function through the day. Or at least I thought it did.
Someone else in our house was awake. He or she was making way too much noise. I heard a knock on my door and a second after, someone was looking at me. I panicked and threw the cigarette butt through the window. It was still pretty dark so I couldn't really see who was staring at me. He or she turned up the light. It was a she.

(xx, Gaia)