1.The song - Zion.T

zion t and pink image aesthetic, aesthetic kpop, and kpop image

2.Fool - Winner

aesthetic, fool, and header image fool, gif, and mino image

3.Shinin' - Jonghyun

artist, key, and Jonghyun image Jonghyun, kpop, and SHINee image

4.Bad boy - Red velvet

seulgi, red velvet, and kpop image Image by 𝕩𝕫𝕤𝕣

5.Ka-Ching - EXO-CBX

aesthetic, art, and arte image Chen, exo, and xiumin image

6.Monster - EXO

Chen, exo, and lay image exo, chanyeol, and kpop image

7.Coming home - JJ Project

coming home, 2017, and kpop image got7, jinyoung, and JB image

8.Palette - IU ft.G-Dragon

iu, kpop, and korean image palette, iu, and lee ji eun image

9.Change up - SVT Leaders

korean, kpop, and soonyoung image Seventeen, hoshi, and woozi image

10.I love you - Bobby

bobby, Ikon, and jiwon image bobby, Ikon, and k-pop image

11.Years - Chen ft.Alesso

china, years, and jongdae image asian, boy, and Chen image

12.Power - EXO '(R3HAB Remix) Visual pack'

exo, Chen, and lay image pink, aesthetic, and art image

13.Mood - Jackson Wang ft.Meng Jia

meng jia, wang jia er, and mood image mood, team wang, and jackson wang image

14.Crazy, Sexy, Cool - ASTRO

astro, mj, and rocky image behind, astro, and sanha image

15.1 of 1 - SHINee

mv, SHINee, and ot5 image mv, SHINee, and SM image

16.Tell me what to do - SHINee

SHINee image gif, Jonghyun, and Taemin image

17.Take you home - Baekhyun

exo and baekhyun image exo, solo, and take you home image

18.Heroine - Sunmi

album, heroine, and korean image girls, heroine, and sunmi image

19.Dinosaur - AKMU

dinosaur, mv, and cute image akmu image


exo, lay, and mv image exo, gif, and lay image

21.Cherry bomb - NCT 127

nct, nct 127, and kpop image nct, kpop, and nct127 image

22.Young and free - Xiumin ft.Mark

exo, xiumin, and mark image exo, xiumin, and mark image

23.Russian roulette - Red velvet

kawaii, kpop, and red velvet image red velvet, wendy, and irene image

24.Jelly - Soyeon

jeon soyeon, (g)i-dle, and kpop image aesthetic, gif, and kpop image

25.Forever - EXO

exo, teaser, and kokobop image exo, sehun, and suho image

26.What u do - EXO

exo, teaser, and suho image exo, sehun, and Chen image

27.Power - EXO

Image by Anna exo and power image

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