Hey lovely Hearters!
This is my second Article , and now i will write some things, wich I love things about my Life, wich good friends know about me(hope so).

°I`m going to the School and my favorite lessons are Art and German.
The other lessons are not always good as much .
° I`m always to late ...but I don`t care.
°My absoloutly favourite Animal is the Lion .
I love
Lion is my favorite Star-constelation (don`t ask me why , i am virgo.)
Lion was since i was 3 , the animal i`ve loved .
I was with my Family in Croatia and I got my firts bike, it was a Lion-bike .I love Lions beacause of his big teeth , his beautiful Hair and of Course because of he is so much stronger than me ,,,or is he? yes he is,
And I love this.

°when i hear Music I`m always dancing ...but who don´t do this?
°My favourite movie is ´Buenas Dias Prinzessin` , I`ve whatched this Movie so often .

°My favorite band is ,when I try to be happy ,that sounds awkward...I am the most time happy , but when I Need to be happy ,I hear the Songs by Neon Trees, for example ´ everybody talks ´ .

°I also love the Songs by Birdy or lorde . one Song ,I don´t know ...Am I like this Song ? Don´t know but the Song ´more than Friends` changed my life

° I love to write down my Dreams , and to read them a few month later

° I´ve spended 27 centmetres of my Hair to People , who have no Hair anymore and I love my Haircut now

°my favourite Serie is Prison break or gossip Girl

°I can´t choose a favorite colour ...Yellow,orange,red,blue,green,violet...ahhhh.I really love all colours

°favorite shoes are oficially Vans

° I love Inline Skating at the sea

° I love to have salty curly Hair but that is not so often

° I love Sunsets

°I love Berlin

° I love to have secrets

° I love to be wild and criminell

Yes ,These are al lot of Things i love .Hope you like this article .
Thanks for reading !