Hi, my people! Welcome to another article! This tag has been going around for some time so I decided to hop on the train and to do it
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A - Age - I'm 17 years old

Seventeen and kpop image cool, 17, and party image

B - Best Movie - Divergent

divergent, dauntless, and four image four, divergent, and movie image

C - Current Time - 9:20 pm

clock, relogio, and rose image часы, украшения, and браслеты image

D - Drink You Last Had - Water

chanel, water, and luxury image grunge, water, and fiji image

E - Everyday Starts With - Drinking tea and doing my morning face routine

Image removed cosmetique, avene, and byphasse image

F - Favorite Song - It changes all the time, now maybe Live in the moment by Portugal. the man

band, portugal the man, and music image gif image

G - Grossest Memory - Cutting my thigh on the edge of the table, because I was really smart doing a squat on the table (I was about 8 years old)

photo, picture, and grunge image Image removed

H - Height - 1,75 m or 5'74

angel, fairy, and girlie image city view pretty, dreamy vintage love, and sunset sun view image

I - In Love With - Indie music and reading

music, vintage, and grunge image book image

J - Jealous - Rarely, almost never

quotes, happiness, and jealous image Image removed

K - Killed Someone - Nope

Inspiring Image on We Heart It lol, no, and nah fam image

L - Last Time I Cried - Last week

Image removed cry, sad, and pale image

M - Middle Name - I don't have it

png image adorable, bitch, and bitches image

N - Number Of Siblings - One sister

friends, girl, and friendship image gigi hadid, bella hadid, and model image

O - One Wish - To have a group of real friends and to travel together

Temporarily removed beach, girl, and summer image

P - Person You Last Texted/Called - My friend from school, we've known each other since we were 3 years old

Image by Sharmeeyn♡Kefee Image by rabab_almusawi

Q - Question You Are Always Asked - Is that your natural hair?

hair, curly, and curly hair image curly, hair, and beauty image

R - Reasons To Smile - Friends, Family, Traveling

paris, girl, and fashion image family, goals, and ace image

S - Song You Last Sang - What lovers do by Maroon 5 and SZA

maroon 5, music, and adam levine image sza image

T - Time You Woke Up - 6:10 am when my cat woke me up and then 8:33 am my alarm woke me up

simpsons, bart, and the simpsons image desk, holder, and pencils image

U- Underwear Color - White

white, body, and sexy image Calvin Klein, body, and white image

V - Vacation Place - Croatia

Image removed Image removed

W - Worst Habit - Idk

neon, light, and red image bad, passage, and habits image

X - X-ray You’ve Had - Ring finger

aesthetic, flowers, and grunge image fashion, rings, and nail image

Y - Your Favorite Color - Olive green

black, green, and gucci image black boots, dress, and green image

Z - gotta ZAYNNN -

cactus, plants, and green image plants, cactus, and aesthetic image

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