Hey beautifuls! Friday is here which also means THE WEEKEND!! WOo. I don't know about where you all live but where I am it has been raining non-stop. So here is a list of movies to watch if you are stuck in on a rainy weekend, your'e having a bad day, or whatever the case may be! Here's to the weekend

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1. Titanic

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This movie is a classic of course :) Still it is the perfect movie to watch during the weekend. Preferably on a lazy Sunday! Just lay in bed drift into sleep and be comforted by the handsome Leonardo Dicaprio.

2.*Pretty Woman*

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Pretty Woman. Another classic 90s film. Easily one of my fave films. Either fun to watch by yourself, or with some company on a Friday night. If you have not seen this movie...I definitely recommend. Especially if you love early 90s films.

3. She's All That

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A late 90s rom-com iconic film. A cliche love story at best...but still a groovy weekend watch :)

4. 10 Things I Hate About You

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Starting your weekend off by watching 10 Things I Hate About You would be E P I C. This movie has literally everything. Start the weekend off right :)
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5. Clueless AS IF this movie could ever not be included. A very fashionable way to spend your weekend. Who else wanted to raid Cher's closet?? (me) lol

6. Wish Upon A Star

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Image by Katherine Dueñas
This was a Disney movie ( I believe) If not please correct me. This is a fun whimsical movie to watch during the weekend with your bff or whoever!

7. Can't Hardly Wait

cant hardly wait, ethan ambry, and preston meyers image cant hardly wait image
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Can't Hardly Wait is one of those feel good films. I always wanted to go to a raging house party like the one in this movie lol haha. They just look fun. But the closest I can get to a party like the one in this movie, is to just watch it lol.
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8. Scary Movie Scary Movie..gosh these were made so long ago! But a majority can still quote these. Personally I miss these films so much. They were truly entertaining and always manages to make you laugh no matter your mood.

Thanks for reading if you do :) Wishing you guys a fabulous weekend!