“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.”

I'm Larissa and that's how I would describe my name in colours.

L // lavender

flowers, purple, and drink image purple, door, and pink image flowers, purple, and vintage image purple, lilac, and theme image

A // aqua

abstract, aqua, and blue image aesthetic, aesthetics, and aqua image aqua, blue, and wall image aqua, blue, and gems image

R // red

red and black image red, crystal, and ruby image strawberry, food, and fruit image red, mirror, and quotes image

I // indigo

hands, sky, and grunge image blue and silk image moon and blue image book, blue, and coffee image

S // sepia

frida kahlo, icon, and mexico image aesthetics, antique, and fashion image vintage image vintage image

S // silver

stars, silver, and white image aesthetic, alternative, and hipster image shoes, fashion, and heels image dress, glitter, and silver image

A // ash grey

mountains image nails, grey, and cup image smoke, clouds, and grunge image hair, glitter, and stars image

Dear Hearters,

after I wrote this article I looked at all these colours I've choosen and was really surprised, that they all have a special meaning to me and fit my personality.
It was a really nice experience for me.
You need to try it too - you will be surprised.

Thanks for reading!