What's social anxiety?

Social anxiety;
(n.) the fear of constantly being judged and laughed at behind your back.

Most of people, including me, suffer from this anxiety disorder. We usually tend to feel uncomfortable and nervous around people, or in social situations, because we are afraid to being judged or humiliated by someone.

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Here are only some of the things we are afraid of doing or things we feel uncomfortable doing because of social anxiety.

  • entering a room where everyone is already seated
  • asking or answering questions in classes or meetings
  • make a call or make an appointment
  • always thinking that other people are making fun of you
  • walking alone in front of other people
  • public speaking
  • expressing opinions
  • say "excuse me" when someone is blocking the only passage way
  • wear the clothes you want to wear and then spend the whole day worrying that everyone is judging you
  • ordering food at a restaurant
  • asking for help
  • being with people I don't know personally
  • making eye contact with someone
  • job interview
  • inviting someone to do things
  • paying when you buy something
  • talking with friends and say something
  • asking someone to go out with you
  • meeting new people
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Social anxiety is not something to joke about. When my friends say to me "grow up and don't ask others to do things, you are 20 years old". They don't understand what my real problem is, they only think I'm too shy, but it's not like that, it's even more serious. I don't know yet how to "win this battle" against my social anxiety but if you want to talk about it, my messages are always open.