Hello! So here is a list of my favorite tv show characters :

  • Katherine Pierce, Vampire Diaries
Nina Dobrev, katherine pierce, and tvd image red, neon, and aesthetic image blood, red, and makeup image Nina Dobrev, the vampire diaries, and tvd image kiss, red, and lips image eye, blue, and eyes image
  • Chanel Oberlin, Scream Queens
blue, fashion, and girl image Temporarily removed bag, pink, and shoes image pink, fur, and aesthetic image chanel, scream queens, and emma roberts image fashion, emma roberts, and pink image
  • Cheryl Blossom, Riverdale
riverdale image cherry, red, and fruit image neon, cherry, and light image riverdale image lips, red, and heart image lipstick, red, and makeup image
  • Lydia Martin and Peter Hale, Teen Wolf
90s, grunge, and text image holland roden, teen wolf, and vintage image halsey, quotes, and grunge image teen wolf, tree, and lydia martin image
quotes, bob dylan, and chaos image gif, werewolf, and ian bohen image quotes, red, and bad image black, dark, and theme image
  • Alex Standall, 13 Reasons Why
miles heizer image 13 reasons why, alex, and jessica image quotes, the neighbourhood, and saint image wallpaper, lockscreen, and quotes image
  • Regina Mills, OUAT
dark, Darkness, and quotes image rose, fire, and black image gold, heart, and black image regina mills, once upon a time, and lana parrilla image
  • Denver, La Casa De Papel
denver, dinheiro, and serie image la casa de papel, netflix, and money image denver, rio, and monica image red, gun, and fire image

As you can see my favorite characters are generally the mean and bitchy ones , I don't know I'm just naturally attracted to them lmao. Let me know if it's the same for you :) Have a good day 🖤