I'm from Finland. I was born here and I have lived here my whole life. Finland is a grate country! And here's some facts about this beautiful nordic country.

glass, sleep, and travel image
Hotel Iglus

Finland is a bilingual country and we have to study 3 languages at school.
Being bilingual country means that we have two official languages: Finnish and Swedish. We also have to learn english in school (so we study Finnish, Swedish and English, plus you can study many other languages if you want to). Funnily we start learning english a lot earlier than Swedish.

We are NOT a part of Scandinavia
Scandinavia actually only includes Sweden, Norway and Denmark. If you include Finland and Iceland with the Scandinavian countries they become the Nordic Countries.

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Santa in Rovaniemi

Santa is from Finland
This is a FACT. Santa Claus (Joulupukki) is from Rovaniemi Finland. There's Santa's village in Rovaniemi, it's a big tourist place.

There's more lakes in Finland than any other country
Finlands nickname is "the Country of Thousands lakes". There's 187888 lakes in Finland and 179888 islands.

Seasons are funny
In the north of Finland in winter there's days when the sun never comes up. And in the summer there are days when the sun never goes down.

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the Northern lights

Many inventions are actually from Finland
For example Angry Birds are Finnish. And world's first text message was send in Finland. Heart rate monitor is Finnish invention, and so are skates. Also sauna is Finnish thing and the word is also Finnish.

Finnish people love coffee
Average Finnish person consumes 14kg of coffee every year.

There's over 3million saunas in Finland. To compare, there's 5,5million people in Finland.

Image by Y A Y A
Lakes with the first snow

So to summary: we love coffee and saunas and our nature. And we are extremely wise here.
If you have any questions feel free to ask! And tell me if you want a part two.