So as someone who is turning 18 in less than 6 months time, I should be preparing for adulthood!

Unlike most, I am actually super excited for this next stage in my life and the excitement totally outweighs the nerves!

In four days time, I will be attending an orientation day for the University that I have been accepted into, and then on the 5th of March I commence my first day!

You're probably wondering, what are you studying? Well, I am studying Secondary Teaching majoring in English and Business!!

In short; I want to teach teenagers English and Business (:

My ultimate goal is to move from my home town (which is where I will be staying for the next four years to do Uni). If you live in Australia, you might know of a smallish town called Toowoomba, that is where I want to live!

All of my favourite childhood memories are in Toowoomba, I used to spend Easter and Christmas there at my Grandparents' place every year! Unfortunately, I no longer have any relatives that live in Toowoomba so I won't be able to make any more memories there... unless I move there!

Once I am settled into teaching, I'd love to have two or three children, all close in ages (no more than 2 years apart). I would LOVE to adopt, but only if I have the finances for it. Check out my previous post about baby names hehe!

That's pretty much all for now... I just wanted to share my visions for my future!

Let me know what you're planning to do?

Much love, Breanna <3