❥ S T Y L E.

fashion, style, and girl image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, jeans, and style image fashion, jeans, and gucci image fashion, style, and outfit image beauty, bralette, and look image stranger things, grunge, and style image

I'm crazy with fashion, so....

❥ C O L O R S.

pink, heart, and neon image snake, red, and aesthetic image yellow, aesthetic, and theme image girl, black and white, and photography image quotes, neon, and purple image london, sky, and clouds image

Pink, red, yellow, black and white, purple and blue.

❥ A N I M A L S.

cat, aesthetic, and sky image Image removed animal, flowers, and deer image turtle, beach, and animal image

Cats, dogs (pugs and beagles!!!!), bambies and turtles.

❥ P A S S I O N S.

photo, picture, and grunge image aesthetic, bff, and fitness image Image by steeples collapsed art, smoke, and photo image adidas, fashion, and outfit image Image by ✰✰✰JEWELSY✰✰✰

Photography, friends, music, smoke, fashion and makeup.

❥ F O O D.

food, sushi, and yummy image food, burger, and fries image chocolate, food, and pancakes image food and pasta image

I'm always eating but I love sushi, hamburgers, pancakes and pasta.

❥ T V. S H O W S.

riverdale, food, and series image gossip girl, pink, and drink image pizza, stranger things, and food image books, milk, and chocolate image Temporarily removed brooks, tumblr, and computer image la casa de papel image ahs, bed, and cozy image

I watch like 10000 tv shows and series but I couldn't show u more.
Riverdale, gossip girl, stranger things, the vampire diaries, the 100, teen wolf, la casa de papel (money heist) and american horror story.

❥ P E O P L E.

Brotherhood, franco, and james franco image Hot, latin, and spanish image british, celeb, and stranger things image leonardo dicaprio, boy, and young image fashion, model, and pretty image dylan o'brien, teen wolf, and dylan image black, alissa, and fashion image zendaya, beauty, and makeup image

Franco brothers, Miguel Herrán (Rio from La Casa De Papel), Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven from Stranger Things), Leo Dicaprio, Sara Sampaio (portuguese angel from Victoria's Secret), Dylan Obrien, Alissa Violet and Zendaya.

❥ P E R S O N A L I T Y.

girl, beauty, and bed image mean girls, regina george, and movie image boy, sad, and smoke image beautiful, face, and girl image

Laziest person in this world, drama queen!!!!!, sensetive and excited person, always laughing.

❥ G O A L S. A N D. D R E A M S.

Image by Norsin Image by K Y L I E city, new york, and wake up image hug, idol, and meet image family, outfit, and fashionable image cinema, black and white, and vintage image

Travel all around the world, become a model (from vs), live in ny city, meet my idol (not only Shawn), build a family and be a cinema star.

❥ S O, T H I S. IS. ME! E N J O Y. G U Y S.