Hi sweet readers, today I'll show you my makeup routine. It takes me about ten minutes to do this, it's quite a 'no makeup - makeup look'!


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I obviously do my skincare before putting any kind of makeup on my face.


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I wear matt primer only on my t-zone to keep it not to oily during the day. I don't wear foundation, but I put on my face the Garnier BB Cream, that protects the face from sunlight.


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Just to fade a little bit the redness or the spots (and even the friends that will stay with me forever: dark circles in the morning :))).


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Maybe my favourite step. I always wear neautral tone or tending to pink/gold. I also love experimenting with different colors!


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Obviously, I think it's pretty predictable ahah

That's all, I hope you like it! Oh..by the way, I want to do a thing with you: tell me how you think I really am, this would be funny!
See you soon in my next article, byee!