This is the second day of the 30 Days challenge I'm currently doing. Feel free to check the previous one out in my "30 Pens" collection. If you want to know more about the challenge, check my article out!

Even though the challenge is only about one thing someone told me, I will talk about two; first something negative, then something positive to brighten up the article a bit. Let's go!

"You're destroying the family" - Dad

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It was a bit over a year ago on a Sunday; It was one of the lowest points in my life. My mental illnesses were taking over me and with me my whole family and surrounding. Even I can't really explain how, but I was completely unable to see anything but the war inside my head. I couldn't see how it was pulling others down with me and when people tried to explain it to me, I couldn't comprehend it. I didn't matter to myself and in the process of "surviving", as I called it back then, I forgot that I was not only a person, but a daughter, a sister and a friend.
After the billionth time I had made my mother cry, my dad came into my room and tried to talk to me. I was too caught up inside my own head, I didn't listen. So he screamed "You're destroying the family" and left me alone in my room. These words didn't change anything, regretfully. It would be months until anything really started to change. Now that I'm so much better, these words stuck with me.

"I believe in you" - My Therapist

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It may seem like the most trivial, common phrase in the world. Easy, expected, shallow. But it wasn't. The backstory to this is really not that important. I've been told a hundred times "I believe in you" from people who maybe meant it, but didn't make it feel it. There's always a difference between hearing and feeling something. I'm a very instinctive person, maybe even slightly impulsive. I believe in myself, that doesn't change that I'm also very insecure. The day she took my hand and - out of the blue - told me she believed in me, was the day I started to work a lot harder.

With these two stories I want you to take a moment to remember the impact your words can have on a person, especially if you make them feel them instead of just hearing. This doesn't mean that if the message is negative you should not say it, since negative feedback is just as important as positive. Always make sure it's constructive.

- Eli