Isn't it weird when even though we lose someone but we still feel like they're close to us somehow..That someone might be one of your family member you know... your grandma/grandpa, your friend or your lover anyone that you lost. there place will be empty in real life but not in our hearts. You feel their absent but part of them always stays with you, you find them in songs, movie scene, music notes, even in the street you're searching for them in the crowds, it feels like we bury them inside ourselves.

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you don't know when you gonna lose them.. it takes 5 sec for a car crush to take your friend away from you. It takes a blink of eyes for a heart attack to take your loved one's breath away. so look around and see them, spend times with them, laugh with them, be kind to them and tell them how much they mean to you while they're still around, and always be greatful to have them.

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