Hi, guys, hope you're feeling great :)
I just recently found out, or realize is maybe a better word, that I suffer from Avoidant Personality Disorder just so you have any idea of who i am. And I know I'm new here and nobody really sees my articles, but still this, writing this in here, is absolutely giant step for me.

So here's something about me.

I'm almost 20.

I love music and could not live without it, ever. I like to listen to all kinds of styles, pop, rock, punk, instrumental, rap (best when you mix it with normal singing <3 ),... But I also sing and play instruments - piano, quitar a little bit, but mainly ukulele, it's so cute and easy I have to say <3 That's how I deal with problems or when I feel low. Because music heals.

I think animals are the cuttest "things" on the planet. But they are not things of course. They just take you as you are, no questions asked <3

I don't think I could be in this world without these two amazingnesses (I guess this world does not really exist, but it describes it so well ;) )

And whatever art you'll put in front of me, I will love it and adore it <3

Nature and taking photos while walking. I especially like when it's raining ot showing.

My favorite part of the year is fall - it's cold weather, sweathers, rain, and colourful leaves.

Of course my family and friends but I don't really have any because of who I am. But I try really hard and these things above and below are really helping me.

Then reading, it always has been my escape. Andersen's and Wilde's fairytales are the best.

And I love some TV series. Stranger things, Grimm, Riverdale,... But my favorite is Supernatural, those two brothers are geniuses <3 :) And super funny. Watch it if you don't already!

So these are some things about me. I hope you liked it and maybe it inspired you to try something new.

Love you all