Hey everyone,

This is my first article! I’ve been wanting to write articles for a while now and I thought introducing myself would be fun. I stumbled upon the #thisismechallenge, where you describe yourself in pictures. So, here’s a collection of hearts that tell you a little bit about me!


autumn, city, and amsterdam image travel, amsterdam, and city image travel, amsterdam, and europe image travel, city, and lights image
I live in the lovely Netherlands


pink, city, and building image dance, ballet, and ballerina image girl, pink, and aesthetic image travel, architecture, and rome image
I don't really have a favourite colour, but i do have a weakness for old pink


sarcasm, quotes, and stupid image drink, Marilyn Monroe, and quotes image female, quotes, and woman image quotes, destiny, and blair waldorf image


summer, friends, and water image music, vintage, and grunge image car, pink, and aesthetic image book, pink, and neon image
I love road trips, history, music, films, series, swimming and so much more


Image removed disney, princess, and aurora image grease, pink, and pink ladies image comic, batman, and thor image
I just love movies, (almost) all of them


audrey hepburn, book, and black and white image grace kelly image esther williams image Marilyn Monroe and beautiful image
Audrey Hepburn, Gracy Kelly, Esther Williams and Marilyn Monroe


plane, travel, and airplane image kids, children, and family image school, study, and studyblr image qoute and jonnydepp image

Love, me