It doesn't cost a lot to smile at the coffeeshop, to help an old people in the street or even to go talk to strangers in party or...
It costs nothing but it changes everything. Have you ever been trough a bad day and then you go by hazard in a shop or something and the cashier smile at you ? Or when you feel bad and you receive a sudden textmessage from a loved one ...It lights your day and remembers you what to do, it gives sense to your life.

I noticed I like daily little pleasures, it makes me love people and give me bravery back.

So be this person for the others, be the person that they need. be the one they have to follow. Leave the polluting people, the toxic friends that do you the contrary. Cause it is not good for you, you do not need someone like that in your life. That's selfish of them.
In the long term, even if it does not seem like it,that harms you.

Also,take care of your family, your close friends,etc. Cause they won't stay forever and we often realise we lost something when it is too late. Then we regret not to have spent enough time with them.Take pictures of them !

Love beautiful things,
Enjoy them,