Good evening or maybe good morning little stranger,

Here are the best quotes about the life that I found on WHI.
I used to feel alone with my feelings and these quotes make me think in a good way. You can read them when you feel lost and when you don't know what to do with your life if everything goes wrong. This moment as you probably know if you read my last post, I feel quite sad and weird. I don't know what thinking... and what to do.

But before to share with you my best quotes, I would like to give a big thank you for all your support on my posts. This is incredible for me. Thank you so much!

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I can tell you that it doesn't matter to have lots of friends around you. Find the true ones. Don't care about the others. They are just fake and want you when they need your help.
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How to forget someone that we used to love...
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And the worst is that people just don't care about this... About what you feel... Because there aren't true friends. How many time did I feel this feeling? Maybe too much...
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Think about these when you have a day. It'll do better I promise you!
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Be happy and just enjoy your day. Make it special!
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Music is powerful!
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Be yourself whatever happens. Don't be fake because of the others. You're not yourself and you don't deserve to live in a lie.
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Never, never, never give up, never
— Winston Churchill

I hope you enjoy this post. It is quite a bit sad but you need to remember to find so inspiring quotes. Write them or print them to pint them on a wall. And don't forget them. Read them when you need something. Find people that inspire you. Find courage in you.
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Maybe your life isn't funny and beautiful. But it's up to you to make her powerful and interesting. Mine isn't easy at all and I feel sad very often. But I used to see positive things thanks to my real friends who told me that I complain too much. By the way, sorry for my English!

Cheers my little stranger x