I’ve never been the best at descriptive words, maybe in middle school when I was good for the level of intelligence we were expected to have. Not anymore, people are far better than me and have a higher ability at doing so. I find it easier to turn my descriptions into songs, as I’m writing the lyrics I can hear the backbeat in my head. I am imagining what instruments I would use if I was actually going to develop the words on my paper to a song.

A couple of years ago, it was a dark place, very hard to talk about. I dislike talking about the past, writing about the past. Anything to do with my past, I will run the other way. There is one thing about my past I am happy to talk about. In this dark time, music was a huge factor to my mood. Even when everything about me is so gloomy, once I began listening to music with meaning, my life began going uphill. Like a Model T Ford going up a huge hill. (That’s the first ford car ever made in 1908 which is a REALLY long time ago). It won’t be done very fast or very easily. It might even fall back quite a bit. That’s exactly what it was like getting out of the hole I managed to find myself in. Music was my Model T Ford. A very slow way to get myself out of the hole.

Towards the end of 2017, I found myself heading back into the hole. Once I found music again, my mood began on a slow incline. There was one song I found myself listening to that made me realise what I wanted. I wanted happiness. So, that’s what I found. I wasn’t as deep in the hole as I was a few years ago so finding my way out of it was so much easier than before.

So, when somebody asks me what music means to me. I tell them my happiness, my escape.

Now, I find myself listening to music daily. Remembering the times when life wasn’t as easy, it makes you thankful that you can hear a song and tell someone that this one has an acoustic guitar, drum or piano. Hard times will never last forever, it may take a while to find yourself in easier times but it will always happen. You might find yourself back into the same place again, it will never last forever. Even if you think it will.

Listening to the outside world from an open window on a cold winter night? Contemplating life? Thinking how you will never escape the towers you have built for yourself? It is possile. I believe you can do it.