Heyy Guys I'm back to make a list of the band I love soooo much <3

I LOVE THEM <3 I discovered the band right after watching 13 reasons why last year because the lead singer is Dylan Minette who plays as you may know, Clay Jensen. They only had one single back then and they made 4 more during the year but I can't wait for the album, I like every single song <3 I wish I could see them in concert one day.

Twin Peaks
In the same style that Wallows, Twin peaks is a rock band I love, hte sonorities are great, it's vintage, it's so cool here"s my favorite song, Making Breakfast.

The Wombats
I already wrote about them in a previous article but The wombats are great, there song are really funny and really cool to listen to.

Same, I already wrote about Chvrches in my previous post. It's a mix of electro and rock with a cute but lovely voice and also really energic.

Night Drive
One of the best electro band I discovered, their album is perfect !

So here's my list, I hope I made you discover some new music stuff ! Enjoy <3