Hey guys!!
Since all the pics I post are totally flopping I'm going to post a new article..
So here you go. Enjoy. take notes

1. everything sucks!

90s, fashion, and grunge image life, netflix, and everything sucks image

2. sense8

Image removed

3. bates motel

bates motel image

4. the open house

wind, 35mm, and analog image

5. the end of the f***ing world

Mature image aesthetic, Alyssa, and couple image

6.unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Image by bia female, quotes, and strong image

7. easy

Easy, show, and tv image

8. atypical

atypical image quotes, series, and atypical image

9. dear white people

america, dear white people, and bigotry image logan browning and dear white people image

10. dark

dark, german, and series image

That's it loves.
See you next time. x