hello guys.

L - Lavender.

purple, door, and pink image purple, lilac, and theme image lilac, purple, and theme image aesthetic, makeup, and purple image

I - Indigo.

blue image blue and flowers image blue, hand, and rope image blue, fashion, and skirt image

L - Lemon.

yellow, aesthetic, and window image yellow, aesthetic, and blanket image yellow, aesthetic, and shadow image yellow, egg, and aesthetic image

I - Ivory.

cat, cute, and animal image aesthetic, blankets, and white image flowers, rose, and white image aesthetic, diamond, and luxury image

A - Aqua.

blue, dolphin, and white image blue image blue, jellyfish, and aesthetic image blue, aesthetic, and nails image

N - Navajo White.

Image removed mirror, gold, and aesthetic image dress, stars, and fashion image accessories, pastel, and aesthetic image

Lilian :)