Here are my most listened songs I hope you like them. 馃槉

1.Him & I 路 G- Eazy,Halsey.

Lyrics, halsey, and music image

2.God's Plan 路 Drake.

Drake and god's plan image

3.River 路 Eminem, Ed Sheeran.

eminem, plane, and ed sheran image

4.If You Leave Me Now 路 Charlie Puth, Boyz II Men.

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5.Wait 路 Maroon 5.

maroon 5, 2017, and levine image

6.Finesse (Remix) 路 Bruno Mars, Cardi B.

finesse, bruno mars, and cardi b image

7.Supernova 路 Ansel Elgort.

Lyrics, supernova, and ansel elgort image

XOXO @jupitersmith