• Coffee or Tea
coffee, cup, and black image tea image
Both are really good, However, I will choose coffee any time of the day.
  • Music or Silence
Image by Photography grunge, alternative, and quotes image
Music all the way.
  • Books or Movies
book, heart, and love image Mature image
  • Chocolate or Vanilla
bitter, cool, and food image Temporarily removed
  • Cake or Pie
cake, chocolate, and delicious image autumn, fall, and november image
  • Black and White or Color
black, rose, and black and white image nature, green, and bed image
Black and White
  • Halloween or Thanksgiving
Image by TamaraACEFamily autumn, happy, and leaf image
  • Autumn or Spring
autum and fall image decorating, easter, and flowers image
  • Summer or Winter
fire, marshmallow, and autumn image Image by Noe Rodriguez
  • Marvel or DC
Mature image flash, dc comics, and green arrow image
Both but more DC than Marvel.
  • Piercings or Tattoos
piercing, earrings, and ear image harry potter, tattoo, and always image
  • Tomboy or Girly
me image
Both. But more Tomboy

Sorry, this post is longer than most of my other ones. I kinda got bored and went with the flow. However, I hope you enjoyed this post.
Comment on what you think I should do next.