Hey guys! So yesterday I saw this article and got inspired to make one too, I think the idea is pretty cool and it's a fun way for me to start writing an article in WHI.

This is the cool article:

My name is Tiara

T : Tea Rose

pink, aesthetic, and grunge image flowers, pink, and rose image pink, car, and vintage image Image by julia

I : Iris

snow, winter, and purple image eye, blue, and eyes image beautiful, different, and quotes image art, illustration, and hands image

A : Aqua

girl, blue, and neon image beach, sea, and summer image blue, azúl, and staircase image summer, beach, and shark image

R : Ruby Red

book, red, and aesthetic image aesthetics, ruby red, and vaporwave image girls, inspiration, and life image american beauty, 90s, and red image

A : Army Green

black purse, iced coffee, and starbucks image Inspiring Image on We Heart It green, taxi, and theme image green, eyes, and tumblr image

That's all for my first article, I hope you guys like it!

x T.